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Perfect for managing lots of tasks and many different teams

Ap4 gets your projects organized by giving you the task information you need, so you know exactly where your project or business stands at any given moment. Because of its perfectly tuned permission system you can finally use a platform to place all of your project tasks and share them with who you want without having to worry about who can and cannot see.


Simple and secure online file sharing for your projects

AP4 lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. When you work in projects you need a folder system to correctly organize files with the right people and teams. Imagine a Dropbox or Box application right inside your Projects!


Great communication for your teams

You can work with everyone on AP4 and keep your project teams in sync on what matters. AP4 helps eliminate email chaos and puts every conversation in one place. Never loose track of any project, task or file discussion threads again!


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We use Ap4 to centralize all project tasks, documentation, and enforcement, with the assurance that all available information is instantly updated and distributed by all members of the project, accessible whenever and wherever they may be.
Miguel Vaz
We've used Ap4 for managing over 215 medium to large solar panel projects with great success. Ap4 has definitely became an invaluable asset to us for managing such a large volume of project information in such a simple but effective manner.
Carlos Sampaio

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You can work with everyone on AP4 and keep your project teams in sync on what matters. Manage your project tasks while you are on the go. Use AP4's web and mobile on your PC, tablet and smartphone.


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