Find out why AP4 Project Managers is so great.


Project Planning

With AP4 Project Manager’s simple to use Task module, users can schedule and manage their project plan, and assign project tasks to team members or groups. Immediately track deadlines and milestones for your projects. Attach your day-to-day tasks to your project.


Assign & Filter Tasks

Quickly and easily mark to-do’s as either complete or not complete and re-assign them to users.

Filter your to-do lists by team or individual, and by status and due date.

No matter where you are or what time it is, AP4 Project Managers keeps you on the same page as the rest of your team – optimizing productivity and keeping your project fast and agile.


Turn Project Information into Tasks

Turn your project information (Files, Photos, and Submittals) into project to-do lists. Your teams now have all of the information they need to carry out their project tasks.

Never again lose track of any project issue or task. Ever!



Get a quick view all your to-do lists, project deadlines, tasks, and scheduled meetings in your project calendar. All members know what to do and when to do it!


Folder Structure

Create your own folder and sub-folder structure to share your files with team members in just a few clicks. Reorganize your folders at any time during your project.


Document Versioning

With version control AP4 Project Managers manages the full version history of every file and guarantees everyone is always working on the latest document version.


Sorting & Tag Search

Sort your files and folders by title, size, date modified or submittal approval status. Tag files and tasks with descriptions for searching and organizing.


Add a file to a to-do task

Assign file-specific tasks to ask for RFI´s, kickoff reviews or Submittals. See your files directly in your project to-do lists. Attach files, drawings, and photos to your to-do lists. Your teams have the documents they need to carry out their tasks.



Request and view approvals on one or more files or tasks. Allow AP4 Project Managers to automatically chase users on your behalf to sign documents off. See at-a-glance which users have or have not yet approved documents and completed tasks.



Confusing email exchanges, endlessly searching for crucial project updates. Now your team has a central place to view and quickly access every project update on every project task, file, and submittal.



Email is very messy. Working on multiple projects with many team members and clients could make your inbox like a battle field. The discussions in AP4 will help you quickly to find every moment of the communication stream on each project. Comment your project tasks, files, phots, submittals, project updates and notify others of any changes. Keep the whole team on track by exchanging feedback in one place.


People & Companies

Group people into teams or companies and assign different privileges, including permissions and access rights to modules or specific task or files. Each project can have unlimited users from unlimited companies, in case you’re outsourcing or cooperating with other company on a clients’ project and each user can have different permissions on different projects.


Activity Stream

Get a quick overview of what your team has been working on with a project activity stream. All of your team progress is visible in the the project Dashboard, where all the latest files, tasks, photos, submittals and team member actions are summarized.


Folder Permissions

Visually manage folders permissions. Easy and fast! Invite team members to folders and customize their level of access. You can share a folder and all of its content or just share an individual file inside a folder.


Mobilize your Workforce

You can access, share and collaborate on project tasks anywhere through our Android mobile app. Share tasks in a tap, update them on the go, check your project progress, and access your project files and drawings from your smartphone or tablet.


Project Teams Synced

With AP4 Mobile, project members will become more connected than ever before, simplifying work, working better and ensuring the success of each project. They can update tasks, files, and photos when out of the office and literally take their projects in their pockets!


AP4 Mobile Feature Checklist:

  • Manage your project to-do lists and notify your project teams in real-time
  • Manage your project files and folders. Update, share, and comment files on the go
  • Take onsite photographs, draw and upload them directly into AP4 Project Managers and share with your project teams
  • Check your project files, photos, and task updates
  • Turn your project information (files and photos) into tasks



Create your company and then add people who are going to work on the projects with you. Set granular permissions against each project, or each module and folder, controlling who can view and edit specific items. Amend permissions or remove people from project workspaces. Create your company and then add people who are going to work on the projects with you.


Module & Feature Control

Switch AP4 Project Manager’s modules and features on and off within your project workspace for more focused use. With simple checkboxes you can very quickly manage permissions.

Project Templates

Templates are reusable portions of a project (users, to-do's, module and folder permissions and structure) that can be used when adding a new similar type of project.

Project Backups

You may generate a zipped back-up project file at any time, which includes all of your project information.

Project Categories

By adding a category to your projects you can group together similar projects which will help you filter projects.

Print Versions

You can generate print versions of all of your project tasks or filtered by team members.


Receive notifications regarding project updates. You can always customize what projects you want.

Ticket Support

You can send us questions or issues through our support tickets directly from inside AP4. We’re only happy, when you’re happy!